Friday, March 16, 2007

The gauntlet, it has been thrown.

I believe that I am what has been called a frustrated perfectionist. I really, really want my home to be organized. But since I often can't figure out what to do with things, it just sits. In piles. Until BD shoves it in a closet somewhere, and I just have to figure out what to do with it all over again the next time it surfaces.

So, beginning Tuesday, April 3, I will be participating in Org Junkie's 30-Day Organizational Challenge. I think I shall tackle my daughters' closet.

Wish me luck!


org junkie said...

Woohoo! You can totally do this and throughout the month I'll be posting tips and things. Email me if you have any questions!


Michelle said...

good luck with the challenge! Your daughters sure are darling! Thanks for commenting on my slow cooker recipe post from yesterday!

dcrmom said...

I'm gonna play too! I'm gonna tackle our master bedroom walk-in closet. Hold me! LOL!!

melody said...

I am completely closing my eyes to the organzing challenge. *gasp* I'm breathing into a paper bag just thinking about it. Maybe I'll oxygenate myself and change my mind.:)

I loved reading your posts. YOur girls must keep you laughing and guessing. I'll be back, and thanks for stopping by my place.

BTW, your girls are beautiful.

Wendy said...

Oh Lori- I am in the excat same boat. As a matter of fact that is what I spent the entire day doing. I cleaned in the storage area, cleaned the playroom, tackled the coat closet, the guest room, and the luandry room. I also had the pleasure of cleaning the bathrooms today, which is no fun thanks to the little dude in the house. I want so badly to be organized, but it is SO HARD. I wish you luck, my friend. Let me know how it goes, and I may have to do it along with you!!