Thursday, February 15, 2007

St. Valentine's Day Recap

Well, I think we had a lovely Valentine's Evening here at the Dirty Laundry household. After I picked Miss 102.5 up at school, I came home and got myself straightened out, and the rest of the day was very nice.

I drugged Pooh and stuck her in my bed, and made Scoot stay across the room in a vain attempt to protect her from the evil flu bug, at least until we all had to get in the van again to go get Tink when school was out.

Tink and I went through all of her Valentines and separated out the candy. Good Lord, I think we still have candy from two years ago in a ziploc bag. Is it okay to re-gift candy?

Next, all three girls made beautiful Valentines for their daddy. Since one was sick, and Mommy was lazy, we just used construction paper, markers and stickers. No glue and sparkly stuff today, thanks anyway. They still turned out beautiful and sweet.

Pooh went back to bed, and the other two girls and I waited for BD to come home. We lit a candle on the kitchen table and turned out all the lights. We put his pistachios and four Valentines on the kitchen table. When we heard the garage door, we went into the living room to hide, and when BD came into the kitchen, the girls ran in and "surprised" him. It was great fun.

After we got the girls fed and to bed, BD and I set out to prepare our Valentine dinner. We had some lovely Filet Mignons from Omaha Steak that BD grilled outside (in the freezing cold), and I made pasta with sundried tomato alfredo (from a jar, but jazzed up) and wonderful garlic parmesan toast.

Here comes the romantic part.

We ate this scrumptious gourmet dinner in bed while we watched Beauty and the Geek. And King of Cars. Ain't we classy?

Especially considering how bummed I was in the morning, I think the day turned out wonderfully. I'm learning every day that things don't have to turn out how I planned them in order to be great.

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