Monday, February 19, 2007

More fever

I had all three girls well for two whole days, but I guess normal life is not on my dance card just yet.

We girls were laying in my bed watching Saddle Club (which I may be more into than they are) late yesterday afternoon, when I reached over to hug Tink and she burned my cheek. Ouch. She was burning up with fever again.

I checked Scooter and Pooh and they seemed fine, but later on, Pooh got up and I got a good look at her, and oh no! Checked, and she had 103.5. When Tink has fever, her skin is so hot! But with Pooh, you have to just take a real good look at her eyes and double check with the thermometer. And Scoot, I don't know, that kid hasn't had more than a runny nose and a bit of diarrhea in more than two years.

So I did what every good mother does when her kids are burning up with fever. I went to Target. And bought them all cute spring T-shirts and marked down V-Day dresses and maybe an Easter dress. Oh, and then got some Sprite and thermometer covers. We already have plenty of Tylenol, Ibuprofen and Tamiflu in the house. Big Daddy just knew it was the only chance I was gonna get to myself for a few more days, so he pushed me out the front door.

I feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day, because I could swear that I already did this day last week. Pooh's fine again, Tink's still burning up, and I keep on shuttling Scoot around the house to keep her away from Fever Girl.

But the sweet thing is, I feel wonderful peace today, and for that I thank God. Tink will be fine, and if it takes too long, we'll go to the doctor. Pooh is fine. Scooter is fine. I am relatively fine. And BD is off at work being fine. All is well.

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New clothes always make things better