Thursday, February 15, 2007

And also . . .

Can y'all please tell me why a 7-year-old would spit up (cause there's no substance to it, just juice) all over her bed, not once, but in 7 or 8 spots, no lie?

Now, when Tink was sick, she was all up in my bed, and holding my hand the whole time. Why yes, I was in the bed, too. The better to care for my sick child, you know. And to change the channel every time she dozed off. But I digress.

Pooh is more like her daddy in the sickness department, and although I have asked her several times today if she'd like to lay in Mommy's bed, she has stoically (shew, good thing I checked the dictionary on that one) remained in her room, laying flat on her back with her hands folded like Lily Munster. When not drinking Sprite mixed with Hawaiian Punch.

I heard her coughing earlier, but didn't go in right away to check on her. About 10 minutes later, she comes out and says, "The end of my bed is red, because I think I drank too much juice." Vague much?

I go in, and there are, no lie, at least 8 wet red spots on her bed, where I guess she threw up. But she moved around between pukes, because the spots are at the foot, the head, on the sheet, the quilt, the pillow and the floor. Never called me, never tried to get to the trash can or the bathroom. Just waited until she was done, and then came and possibly, maybe, sort of told me about it.

I strip the bed, because there is no piece of bedding that she missed. Tell her to come on and lay in my bed now, and she says, "No thanks," and climbs back on the bare mattress and assumes the Lily Munster.

I feel like such a great mother.

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shoeaddict said...

??? I'm all about the cuddling and wanting my mommy when I'm sick